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Legal Malpractice Attorney Boca Raton, Florida

Legal Malpractice Attorney Boca Raton, Florida

Attorneys are required to adhere to high ethical standards and protect the interests of their clients. If you think that you are a victim of legal malpractice, contact the Law Offices of George Kramer today to discuss your case. Attorney Kramer is experienced in legal malpractices and will aggressively represent you against negligent or unethical lawyers.

Legal malpractice claims can result from a wide variety of errors

  • An attorney may miss the statute of limitations, leaving an injured person without any legal remedy to address wrongs.
  • A lawyer may fail to appear for a court hearing or trial.
  • Lawyers have a fiduciary responsibility to protect their clients. When attorneys place their own interests ahead of their clients, they are in breach this duty and are legally accountable for the consequences.
  • An attorney may be negligent in the performance of their duties, make errors during a trial or fail to properly investigate a clients' legal issue.
  • A lawyer may collect fees and fail to perform the required work or inappropriately use client funds before the fees have been earned.

Legal malpractice claims can arise from a variety of cases including:

  • Personal Injury
  • Land use
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Billing & Accounting
  • Probate & Estate Planning
  • Real Estate
At the Law Offices of George Kramer, we believe that lawyers should be accountable for their representation. We understand legal malpractice can have a significant impact on your life and are committed to helping you receive the compensation you deserve.