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Motorcycle accidents tend to be the most dangerous types of vehicle accidents. When motorcycles collide with another vehicle, the end result can be catastrophic, causing major bodily harm to the cyclist as well as the passengers in the other vehicle. Motorcyclists do not have the same protection that is provided by a car or SUV. Even when wearing protective gear, motorcycle riders are vulnerable in the event of a collision. Motorcycle accidents are far too common, and the consequences are often catastrophic.

Many factors can contribute to a motorcycle accident:

Driver negligence is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Other drivers on the road may be speeding, or may fail to give motorcyclists the full use of the lane. Car drivers may fail to check their blind spots before changing lanes and swerve into motorcyclists.

The negligence of a city, state or county may be partially responsible for a motorcycle accident. The failure to maintain safe roadways can be a serious issue for anyone on the roads, but this is particularly true for motorcyclists, who may be thrown off a bike on crumbling pavement.

It is important to note that sometimes motorcycle accidents are caused by negligence on the part of motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, many people have an inherent bias against motorcyclists and overestimate the frequency of fault on the part of the motorcyclist.

Devastating injuries to the head, spine, groin and various limbs can mean a long period of recovery for a motorcyclist, sometimes with lasting disability. Many cases involve catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injury, and the injured victim will need an aggressive lawyer to pursue the maximum possible compensation. The hospital and other medical expenses can become staggering. It is only fair that the at-fault driver or other negligent party fully compensates you for your out-of-pocket expenses as well as your past and future lost income, your pain and suffering and other losses. It is important that you have a dedicated personal injury lawyer on your side that will not back down when it comes to protecting your future and fighting for equitable compensation.